About Me

Verona L. Jacobs, a native of rural northeast Florida, earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Education from the University of South Florida.  She also has certifications in Behavior Analysis and Vocational Rehabilitation.

The author has served in many roles during her journey, as a Behaviorist, Parenting Specialist, Mental Health and Brain Injury Counselor, Youth Coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Motivational Speaker...multiple invites to speak at the Rock Youth Retreat in Ocean City…etc.  She founded a Girl Scout Troop,  a Missionary Circle, and a community newsletter in her hometown; facilitated teen talk sessions, and taught regular and senior citizens’ aerobics.  She has also volunteered at a half-way house for pregnant teens and served as an ambassador for a cancer center. But the author’s favorite of all titles, is Mom.  She is the mother of three adult children who are phenomenally talented in their own right.

The author believes that the greatest gift that a parent can give a child is an introduction to Jesus Christ.  By the time she was in her mid 30’s, she had lost both of her parents and brother to cancer, feeling alone, but knowing in her heart  that she really wasn’t, because of the gift that her parents had given her.  She believed in something beyond what she could see, which became a source of strength, courage , hope, forgiveness and unconditional love.

The author has a strong desire to help people and is determined to do whatever she can to motivate and encourage others.  She has gone through a steady flow of what she calls, ‘what in the world’ moments and was reminded to never forget how she felt while she was going through.  She hasn’t forgotten and God is using her ‘what in the world' moments, her experience in serving others, her training and the gifts He has placed within her to share messages of truth, forgiveness, love, inspiration and hope.  The ‘As It Flows From My Heart’ series is a non-stop flow of messages that have been inspired by God.  The author gives them to you, just as they have been given to her, without edit. 

Her most recent title is a novel, Dismissed...But Still Relevant. It is a detailed account of what healing looks like after we are honest with ourselves about ourselves and others and relentless in our pursuit of becoming who God created us to be in order to do what He created us to do...fulfill our purpose...no matter what it looks like in the natural.

God has shown her that some of the people who need her books most, can’t afford them.  She looks forward to being able to send and drop boxes of books off to homeless shelters, women’s prisons, half-way houses, churches, etc.  In the meantime, she donates books to individuals and organizations when she is moved to.  She encourages others to do the same.

The author encourages you to never forget how you felt or feel while going through your ‘what in the world’ moments, so that God can use you also to smooth the pavement of the one whose path has become rocky!