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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I'd like to introduce you to my 10th 'self-published' title that is now available for purchase.  I am humbled and grateful to God for the birthing/assignment! 

Please join me in an effort to get these words of inspiration to as many young people as possible. As you purchase...I will gift books to those who can't. 

Thank you, in advance, for your support!!

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I’ve wanted to write a book for young people and have tried on several occasions, but it just didn’t flow, until now. My style of writing is that of flow…I have to write it the way I get it and that is the way that I believe you are supposed to get it, just as it was given. 

I also believe that these writings were inspired by God for the purpose of healing and awareness… for the young person who is going through things and feeling as if no one understands and they are the only one who feel their pain. Not everyone will understand, but some will and there are others who want to. You can’t feel pain without those who love you, like you and/or generally care about you, as a human being...feeling it too. They may not always know what to do about it or how to respond to it...but they feel it.

I want you to know that you are not alone and many of us, adults, have gone through some deep hurts ourselves, but for whatever and/or various reasons…we don’t share our hurts with you. For many of you, you may not realize that an adult close to you has or is experiencing a version of what you are experiencing and sometimes worse. And for some, you will find that God will use your circumstance to educate and stretch others in your life, from where they are, to where they need to be.

In this series you will find that Veronique’s older self is looking back at how the puzzle pieces of her life were put together. She knows what her purpose is now and she is living it. But if she had allowed negative experiences, thoughts and feelings of her own and those delivered by others, to override God’s version of who she was created to be, within, she would not be living out her purpose. Be find and live out your purpose...and please don't forget to help somebody else...find and live out theirs!


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I dedicate these writings to:

All the young people who have crossed my path, personally and professionally, and those that I have yet to or may never meet, in person...

My children…family…friends, who are like family…

The young people that I’ve served, as a Behaviorist…

The young ‘Ladies of Excellence’ that I served at an inner-city, alternative middle school...

The ‘now young ladies’ who were in my Girl Scout Troop…

My previous Sunday School students and those I served as Youth Coordinator…

The ‘now moms’ that I served at a Half-Way House for pregnant teens…

All the young people that I have shared a motivational message with, at my home-town community center, schools, conferences, etc.

I dedicate these writings to you and all of the adults in your life…as much as we try to teach you…we learn so much from you, in return!  Your life has a specific purpose...don't ever forget that!